# The Oasis Amber Network

# What is it

With the QuestNet reaching a point of stability, the Amber Network is the next phase of the Oasis Network’s path to Mainnet. The Oasis Amber Network is a release candidate for Mainnet and includes all the core features of the network you can expect at Mainnet launch. This includes:

  • Fully decentralized consensus layer
  • Staking and delegation
  • Commission management for node operators
  • Consensus committee with up to 70 validators
  • Multiple ParaTimes (parallel runtimes) running compute on the network (expect more and more added over time)

# Timing

The Amber Network starts at 2020-06-18T16:00:00Z.

# Goal of Amber

This network is intended primarily for node operators who won tokens in The Quest as a means to do a final test of the Oasis Network code before the Mainnet launch. Very small grants will also be awarded to individuals who want to test hardware wallets.

# Incentives for joining

The Amber Network will be used as a way to provide bonuses in the form of delegation from the Oasis Protocol Foundation in the forthcoming Mainnet. The Oasis Protocol Foundation will plan to delegate up to 50% of its available tokens based on successful completion and staking reward rankings from the Oasis Amber Network as well as availability rankings and overall track record. (NOTE: Initial delegation will be for at least 6 months and is contingent on commission rates that are +/- 10% of the weighted median network commission rate and no greater than 30%, and high uptime performance.)

# Joining the Amber Network as a node operator

In order to join the Amber Network, you will need AMBER test tokens. ::: Tip Note: AMBER tokens are test tokens used specifically for this network). Unlike in the QuestNet, there is no faucet to distribute tokens, so instead you can get stake needed to run your node in two ways:

  • Genesis Block: In the genesis block of the Amber Network, node operators will be allotted the total amount of tokens they’ve previously earned from the Oasis QuestNet or via other means (fulfilled grants, etc). You will be able to find that amount here after The Quest ends on June 4.
  • Delegation from the Oasis Protocol Foundation and Oasis Labs (primarily for testing purposes)

Incentives for the Amber Network will be based on this community-proposed incentive model and include a few parameters specific to this Network.

# Submitting your entity for the genesis block

To ensure that your node is in the genesis block, we will ask that you submit a new entity package no later than Monday, June 15. Note that even if you’ve submitted an entity package in the past, you need to regenerate and submit a new one.

Entity package instructions can be found here.

# Wallet testers needed

In addition to running nodes, we’re also looking for community volunteers to test our new Ledger wallet integration. Volunteers have an opportunity to earn more tokens and stress test node operators on the network by delegating your AMBER tokens. Please sign up here if you’re interested.


The Amber Network and all associated activities and rewards are not available to all participants and eligibility requirements apply. For details, see the Program Terms available here. This article does not guarantee anyone the right to participate in the Amber Network or to receive rewards.