# Community Node Program

The Community Node program making it easy to join the Oasis Amber Network as a Node Operator even if you're new to the network.

More info on the program below.

# Goal of the program

The Oasis Foundation set up this program in order to give new teams an experience to run a node on the network, get involved in the broader Oasis Network community and earn a chance to get a delegation from the Foundation at Mainnet launch.

# How the program works

The program is pretty simple:

  1. Set up your node and create a public key
  2. Submit your details here
  3. The Oasis Foundation will provide a small token delegation and send you a notification when it’s done
  4. Register and run your node (skip instructions related to staking as you’ve been delegated funds by the Foundation)
  5. Join the #nodeoperators channel on slack and get help from other nodes
  6. File issues and help improve the Network

# Will I earn staking rewards

Please note that while the Foundation will provide a small delegation of tokens to kick start your node, it may not be enough to get into the consensus committee or earn staking rewards at first.

For Amber, the consensus committee size is currently set at 70 nodes, but as we have more involvement from additional nodes like yourselves we may increase the size in subsequent upgrades. This will also help inform what the consensus committee size is at Mainnet launch.

For the time being, we hope this initial delegation will be enough to get started on the network, test it out, and see how it works from a technical perspective.

# Other ways to get involved / Resources

  • Apply for a non-technical grant and make our documentation, website, community support, swag options better
  • Join our slack channel
  • Follow the network via one of the many community-built block explorers


The Amber Network and all associated activities and rewards including the Community Node Program are not available to all participants and eligibility requirements apply.For details, see the Program Terms available here. This article does not guarantee anyone the right to participate in the Amber Network or to receive rewards.