Run a Validator Node

Overview of the technical setup and stake requirements to become a validator on the Oasis Network.

Oasis Network's Consensus Layer is a decentralised set of validator nodes that maintain a proof-of-stake blockchain.

Hence, it needs a set of distributed node operators that run different nodes (including validator nodes).

Technical setup

Make sure your system meets the Hardware prerequisites and has Oasis Node installed.

Then proceed by following the Run a Validator Node guide to:

  • Create your entity.

  • Initialize and configure your node.

  • Register your entity on the network.

Stake requirements

To become a validator on the Oasis Network, you need to have enough tokens staked in your escrow account.

For more information about obtaining information on your entity's account, see the Account Get Info doc.

Currently, you should have:

The size of the consensus committee (i.e. the validator set) is configured by the max_validators consensus parameter.