Delegation Policy

This page describe the Oasis Protocol Foundation's Delegation Policy.

Delegations to Entities Participating in Pre-Mainnet Incentivized Networks

This portion of Foundation's ROSE delegations is given to validators based on their participation in the Amber Network, Quest incentivized Network, availability rankings and their community engagement.

Our initial delegation will last at least 6 months and is contingent on:

  1. commission rates that are +/- 10% of the weighted median network commission rate,

  2. commission rates and commission rate bounds that are no greater than 20%,

  3. maintaining the validator status,

  4. maintaining >99% uptime,

  5. not exhibiting dishonest, fraudulent, or malicious behavior.

If we detect a violation of rules 1 - 4, we will take the following actions:

  • Send a warning notice to entity via multiple communication channels (e.g. Slack, Email, ...).

  • If the violation is not remediated within 3 working days, we will send a notice that we are removing our delegation.

If we detect a violation of rule 5, we will remove the delegation as soon as possible.

If the entity remediates their violation and asks that their delegation be re-instantiated, we reserve the discretion to delegate up to 50% of the initial amount.

If an entity makes repetitive violations, we reserve the right to remove our delegation permanently.

Delegations to new Entities

We are drafting the policy and will post it soon.