The Testnet

These are the current parameters for the Testnet, a test-only network for testing out upcoming features and changes to the protocol.

The Testnet may be subject to frequent version upgrades and state resets.

On the Testnet, TEST tokens are in use -- if you need some to test your clients, nodes or paratimes, feel free to request them on #testnet in the Community Slack. Note that these are test-only tokens and account balances, as any other state, may be frequently reset.

This page is meant to be kept up to date with the information from the currently released Testnet. Use the information here to deploy or upgrade your node on the Testnet.

  • Latest Testnet version: 2021-04-13

  • Genesis file:

    • SHA1: 189fd6b295d2f4c1896d5515d133714f531ca11e

    • SHA256: ccac45fdf81f572c63e915a2dcb90b4281443020229a0df38d76018b55674489

  • Genesis document's hash (explanation):

    • 5ba68bc5e01e06f755c4c044dd11ec508e4c17f1faf40c0e67874388437a9e55

  • Oasis seed node address:

Feel free to use other seed nodes besides the one provided here.

The Oasis Node is part of the Oasis Core release.


This section contains parameters for various ParaTimes known to be deployed on the Testnet. Similar to the Testnet, these may be subject to frequent version upgrades and/or state resets.

Cipher ParaTime

  • Oasis Core version:

  • Runtime identifier:

    • 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • Runtime binary:

  • IAS proxy address:

Feel free to use othre IAS proxies besides the one provided here or run your own.