Upgrade Log

For each upgrade of the Testnet network, we will track important changes for node operators' deployments.

2021-03-24 Upgrade

  • Upgrade height upgrade is scheduled to happen at epoch 5128.

We expect the Testnet network to reach this epoch at around 2021-03-24 11:30 UTC.


  • (optional) To ensure your node will stop at epoch 5128 submit the following upgrade descriptor at any time before the upgrade:

    "name": "testnet-upgrade-2021-03-24",
    "method": "internal",
    "identifier": "testnet-upgrade-2021-03-24",
    "epoch": 5128
  • Download the Testnet genesis file published in the Testnet 2021-03-24 release.

Testnet state at epoch 5128 will be exported and migrated to a 21.0.x compatible genesis file. Upgrade genesis file will be published on the above link soon after reaching the upgrade epoch.

  • (optional) Verify the provided Testnet genesis file by comparing it to network state dump. See instructions in the Handling Network Upgrades guide.

  • Replace the old genesis file with the new Testnet genesis file.

  • Stop your node (if you haven't stopped it already by submitting the upgrade descriptor).

  • Replace the old version of Oasis Node with version 21.0.1.

  • Update your node's configuration or perform any additional needed steps as per Additional Steps below.

  • Start your node.

For more detailed instructions, see the Handling Network Upgrades guide.

Additional steps

Examine the Changelog of the 21.0 release.

Runtime operators

In addition to some configuration changes, this upgrade contains breaking runtime API changes. Make sure any runtime code is updated and compatible with the 21.0.x runtime API version.

Backup your node's data directory

To prevent irrecoverable runtime storage data corruption/loss in case of a failed storage migration, backup your node's data directory.

For example, to backup the /serverdir/node directory using the rsync tool, run:

rsync /serverdir/node/ /serverdir/node-BACKUP/

For this upgrade, the runtime node operators need to perform an additional migration of the storage nodes. Before starting the upgraded node and before wiping state, the storage database on all storage nodes needs to be migrated with the following command (using the 21.0.1 binary):

oasis-node storage migrate \
--datadir <NODE-DATADIR> \
--runtime.supported <RUNTIME-ID>

Storage access policy changes

Due to the changes in the default access policy on storage nodes, at least one of the storage nodes should be configured with theworker.storage.public_rpc.enabled flag set to true.

Otherwise, external runtime clients wont be able to connect to any storage nodes.