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Common Staking Info


This example assumes you have read and followed the Prerequisites and Setup sections.

To query an Oasis node for the common staking information, run:

oasis-node stake info -a $ADDR

At time of writing this document, the command will output the following:

Token's ticker symbol: ROSE
Token's value base-10 exponent: 9
Total supply: 10000000000.0 ROSE
Common pool: 1319242295.211384785 ROSE
Last block fees: 0.0 ROSE
Governance deposits: 0.0 ROSE
Staking threshold (entity): 100.0 ROSE
Staking threshold (node-validator): 100.0 ROSE
Staking threshold (node-compute): 100.0 ROSE
Staking threshold (node-keymanager): 100.0 ROSE
Staking threshold (runtime-compute): 50000.0 ROSE
Staking threshold (runtime-keymanager): 50000.0 ROSE

We can see that the token's name is ROSE and that 1 token corresponds to 10^9 (i.e. one billion) base units.

Next, we can observe that the total supply is 10 billion tokens and that about 1.3 billion tokens are in the common pool.

The staking thresholds for the entity and all node kinds (validator, compute, key manager) are 100 tokens.

This means that if you want to register, e.g. an entity with a validator node, you need to escrow (i.e. stake) at least 200 tokens.

Staking threshold for registering a new runtime (ParaTime) of any kind (compute, key manager) is 50,000 tokens.

In addition, each runtime may require an additional staking threshold for running a compute node. You need to query the registry in verbose mode to obtain it:

$ ./oasis-node registry runtime list -v -a $ADDR

For example, Emerald ParaTime running on the Mainnet has the following additional staking requirements:

"v": 3,
"id": "000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000e2eaa99fc008f87f",
"staking": {
"thresholds": {
"node-compute": "5000000000000000"
"min_in_message_fee": "0"

To register a node that is both a validator and a compute node for Emerald ParaTime, the entity for which the node is registered would need to satisfy the following:

  • Entity registration staking threshold (currently 100 tokens),
  • Validator node staking threshold (currently 100 tokens),
  • Compute node staking threshold (currently 100 tokens),
  • Emerald-specific staking threshold (currently 5,000,000 tokens),

All together, there would need to be at least 5,000,300 tokens staked in your entity's escrow account.