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Get Account Nonce


This example assumes you have read and followed the instructions in the Prerequisites and Setup sections.

To get more a particular staking account's, e.g. oasis1qrvsa8ukfw3p6kw2vcs0fk9t59mceqq7fyttwqgx, nonce, run:

oasis-node stake account nonce \
-a $ADDR \
--stake.account.address oasis1qrvsa8ukfw3p6kw2vcs0fk9t59mceqq7fyttwqgx

Get Your Entity's Nonce


This example assumes you have the jq tool installed on your system.

If you want to get your entity's nonce, you can use the following combination of commands:

ADDRESS=$(oasis-node stake pubkey2address --public_key \
$(cat $ENTITY_DIR/entity.json | jq .id -r))
NONCE=$(oasis-node stake account nonce --stake.account.address $ADDRESS -a $ADDR)

where <PATH-TO-YOUR-ENTITY> is the path to your entity's descriptor, e.g. /serverdir/node/entity/.