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This sections lists the prerequisites for using your tokens.


Currently, the only supported and documented way to use your tokens is by utilizing the Oasis Node CLI in combination with:

Oasis Node CLI

To setup Oasis Node CLI, follow the Oasis Node documentation.

Ledger-based signer


This is only needed if you will use the Ledger wallet to hold your tokens.

To use the Ledger-based signer in combination with Oasis Node CLI, follow the Setup guide in our Oasis Core Ledger docs.

File-based signer


We strongly suggest that you do not use any entity/staking account that is generated with the file-based signer on the Mainnet.

In case you need to use the file-based signer, make sure you only use it on an offline/air-gapped machine. Gaining access to your entity's/staking account's private key can compromise your tokens.

There are no additional things needed since the file-based signer is a part of Oasis Node CLI.