3rd Party Custody & Wallets
This documentation provides an overview of custody and wallet solutions supported by the Oasis Network for managing ROSE tokens.


    ROSE is supported on Ledger Hardware (NOT Ledger Live), Bitpie and via two custodians -- Anchorage and Finoa.
    For Ledger, you can use the Oasis CLI (recommended for experienced developers only) or you can use a web-based GUI that provides a UI.
    The two GUIs that are currently available are Anthem and RockX.
    Anthem supports delegation today; RockX should soon.
    Bitpie is a mobile app that supports transfers and delegation.

Custody Providers

At the time of Mainnet Launch using a custody provider will be the easiest way to store and hold your ROSE tokens. These custody providers are industry-leaders who each support a number of top crypto assets. Below are some simple ways to get in touch, but please do reach out to them directly for more information on insurance, fees and cross-chain support.


Anchorage is the most advanced digital asset platform, with a solution designed to meet the evolving needs of institutional investors. Today Anchorage offers world class custody, trading, and financing services, as well as on-chain participation like staking and governance. Modular and adaptable to any blockchain use case, Anchorage supports all assets that meet our standards of quality and security.
    Delegation options: Available via Anchorage
    Min holding: Minimum custody requirements. Suitable for larger token holders.
    Sharing your wallet address for distribution: Anchorage will share a list of relevant wallets with Oasis for distribution.
    Sign up: Please sign up here


Your Key to Digital Asset Banking - Finoa is a regulated custodian for Digital Assets, servicing professional investors with Custody and Staking. The platform enables its users to securely store and manage their crypto-assets, while providing a directly accessible, highly intuitive and unique user-experience, enabling seamless access to the ecosystem of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).
    Delegation options: Finoa offers delegation to a number of select validators including Bison Trails, Blockdaemon, Chorus One, Figment, and more.
    Min holding: No threshold for assets under custody. Please check out details at finoa.io/oasis.
    Sharing your wallet address for distribution: Finoa will share a list of relevant wallets with Oasis for distribution.
    Sign up: Email [email protected] to set up an account.

Self-Custody with Ledger

You can use your Ledger hardware wallet to hold your ROSE tokens.


To set up your Ledger wallet take the following steps:
    Install Ledger Live and enable experimental mode.
    Install the Oasis app to your Ledger wallet via Ledger Live's Manager.
For more detailed instructions, see the Ledger Wallet doc.
Once this is done, you can set up your address, delegate, and make transactions. You can do that in two ways -- via the Oasis CLI tools or one of the Web Wallets.

Using the Oasis CLI Tools

The Oasis CLI supports both Linux and macOS.
For more detailed instructions, see Oasis CLI Tools doc.

Using a Ledger GUI

To easily see your wallet address, make transfers, and delegate you can use a Web Wallet.
    Currently supports address signing and transfers for the Oasis Network
    Currently supports the Oasis Testnet and can be used to test wallet transfers before Mainnet launch. Will be updated to include Mainnet after launch.
    Staking and delegation available.
    Currently supports address signing and transfers for the Oasis Network
    Note that transfers on Mainnet Beta are disabled; to test wallet transfers please select "Testnet".
    Staking and delegation available.

Other Wallet Applications

In addition to Ledger you can also you a stand alone mobile wallet application. Please check with the app developer directly for custody information.


    Available for Android and iOS.
    Currently supports address generation and transfers.
    To test BitPie on the Testnet please click here.
    Staking and delegation available at Mainnet launch

Verify your wallet address for Mainnet

If you are a token holder expecting to receive tokens at Mainnet Launch you will receive an email with instructions on secure wallet verification and next steps soon.
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