Self-Custody With Ledger

Install Oasis App

To use your Ledger wallet to hold your ROSE tokens, install the Oasis app on your Ledger wallet via Ledger Live's Manager.
Currently, you will have enable Developer mode by going to Settings -> Experimental features, to be able to find the Oasis app in Ledger Live's Manager.
The Oasis app requires an up-to-date firmware on your Ledger wallet:
Follow Ledger's instructions for updating the firmware on your Ledger wallet:
To find the Oasis app in the Ledger Live app store, go to the App catalog's search bar and type in Oasis:
Make sure you install at least version 1.8.1 of the Oasis app.
You may see both the Oasis app and the OasisVal app come up in the search results. You need to use the standard Oasis app.
Once installed, the Oasis app will use the BIP 39 mnemonic seed stored on your Ledger wallet to generate the private & public key pairs for your accounts.

Manage Your Tokens

Using Ledger-backed Web Wallets

This is a simpler option since it allows you to connect to your Ledger wallet via a web browser app.
Follow the instructions in the Web Wallets doc.

Using Oasis CLI Tools

This is the most powerful option that allows performing any token-related management task.
Follow the instructions in the Oasis CLI Tools doc.
Last modified 11mo ago