Testing Bitpie Wallet
The following documentation was provided by Bitpie for token holders who want to first test their wallet address on the Oasis Testnet. This documentation does not apply to users on the Oasis Mainnet.
These instructions has been provided by Bitpie. For additional troubleshooting and to provide any feedback on your Bitpie Wallet experience, please reach out to the Bitpie team directly at [email protected] or via their website.

Steps for using Bitpie on the Oasis Testnet:

Step 1: Update the Bitpie wallet to the latest version 4.9.013 build 49014, if the Bitpie wallet has been installed, overwrite the installation and upgrade. If using the iOS version please download the Bitpie "Pro" app.
Step 2: On the Bitpie Wallet-Homepage switch from [ROSE system] to [Testnet Transfer]
Step 3. Enter the Receive Account and Transfer Amount.
Step 4. You can Query Testnet transactions by selecting History on the ROSE Testnet Transfer Page.
For instructions in Chinese please see here.
Last modified 10mo ago