Staking and Delegating
Staking and Delegation on the Oasis Network is a wonderful way to hold your ROSE tokens. A few key resources to get started!

Rewards and Tokenonomics

Mining rewards vary over the course of the Network. In the first four years rewards will range between 20-2% over time. More here.

How to Stake and Delegate

The Oasis Network is supported by an amazing community of validators and infrastructure providers. Many provide services to help you set up your own validator node and/or make delegation easy.

Tools to use for Staking and Delegation

In addition to using the Oasis CLI, there are number of (non-custodial) wallets and custodians that support staking and delegation on the Oasis Network. Those include:

Oasis Validators and Infrastructure Providers

A summary of validators interested in delegations or providing infrastructure support to token holders is here (including contact info and a bit more detail about the team and project). Please feel free to reach out to the teams directly for more information on staking and delegation logistics, fees and more.
Many can also help you set up delegations directly as well.
The validator registry is in alphabetical order and includes information provided by each validator. To check performance, commission rates and more about each validator please visit one of our many blockexplorers and leaderboards. For those that have not listed a name you can cross-reference their entity ID in the table below to validate performance on the network.

Run your own Node

Instead, if you're interested in running your own node you can get started here. Be sure to also join the #nodeoperator channel on Slack and sign up for the node operator mailing list!
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