Network Parameters

This page is meant to be kept up to date with the information from the currently released network.

These are the current parameters for the Mainnet Beta:

These parameters may change by Mainnet launch.

For an overview of Mainnet Beta which is the next phase towards Mainnet, see the Mainnet Beta Overview.

  • Genesis file:

    • SHA1: 3a17891f73ae2079e5a2cf7e53c25f7b26f63d3e

    • SHA256: a188bcae5b6ba7b1d2bf7fd4b3972381db611989ab11a45059f6faee28ad2a8d

  • Genesis document hash:

    • a245619497e580dd3bc1aa3256c07f68b8dcc13f92da115eadc3b231b083d3c4

  • Oasis seed node address:

    • E27F6B7A350B4CC2B48A6CBE94B0A02B0DCB0BF3@

Feel free to use other seed nodes besides the one provided here.

The Oasis Node is part of the Oasis Core release.

Do not use a newer version of Oasis Core since it likely contains changes that are incompatible with the version of Oasis Core used by other nodes.