Network Parameters

This page is meant to be kept up to date with the information from the currently released network.

These are the current parameters for the Mainnet:

  • Genesis file:

    • SHA256: 8ae33cffe67e3df1be392dddde332a73f207cede5992c93600b0ae65c22af2a2

Genesis file is signed by network's current maintainers. To verify its authenticity, follow the PGP verification instructions.

  • Genesis document's hash (explanation):

    • 53852332637bacb61b91b6411ab4095168ba02a50be4c3f82448438826f23898

  • Oasis seed node address:

Feel free to use other seed nodes besides the one provided here.

The Oasis Node is part of the Oasis Core release.

Do not use a newer version of Oasis Core since it likely contains changes that are incompatible with the version of Oasis Core used by other nodes.