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Create an Entity Package


Entity packages are only required at the beginning of a network. If the network is already running then this will no longer be used.

In order to join at the beginning of the Mainnet, we require that you send an Entity Package so that a genesis document can be created for the network.


To create an Entity Package you must create a tarball (.tar.gz) that contains the following files:

  • entity/entity_genesis.json - This is the entity_genesis.json from the entity you initialized.
  • entity/entity.json - This is the entity.json file from the entity you initialized.
  • node/node_genesis.json - This is the node_genesis.json from the node you initialized.

During genesis creation we will only accept a single node.

The following commands should be executed on your local system, where you initialized your Entity and Node:

mkdir -p package/entity package/node
cp /localhostdir/entity/*.json package/entity
cp /localhostdir/node/node_genesis.json package/node
cd package && tar -zcvf ../<YOUR-GITHUB-USERNAME>-entity.tar.gz entity node

Submitting Your Entity Package (For Mainnet)


The deadline for Mainnet Entity Packages is 2020-09-03T23:59:00 UTC.

To submit your Entity Package, we've created a repository that will consume and validate the Entity packages.

  1. Fork the oasisprotocol/mainnet-entities repository.
  2. Add your Entity Package to the entities/ directory of the repository.
  3. Create a pull request against the master branch of the oasisprotocol/mainnet-entities repository. Once your Entity Package passes all validation checks we will handle the merging of your pull request.

If there are any issues, you can always resubmit your entity package.