Oasis Core Ledger currently only works on x86_64 Linux systems.


You will need an appropriate version oasis-node installed your system.

See Prerequisites Guide in our general Docs for more details.

Downloading a Binary Release

Go to Oasis Core Ledger's GitHub Releases page and download the latest version.

Building From Source

TODO: Link to Development docs once they exist.

Adding oasis-core-ledger Binary to PATH

To install the oasis-core-ledger binary for the current user, copy/symlink it to ~/.local/bin.

To install the oasis-core-ledger binary for all users of the system, copy it to /usr/local/bin.

Remembering Path to ledger-signer Plugin

For convenience, set the LEDGER_SIGNER_PATH to the location of the ledger-signer binary, e.g.:


Installing Oasis App on Ledger device

The recommended way to install the Oasis app on your Ledger device is to install it via Ledger Live's Manager.

Currently, you will have enable Developer mode by going to Settings -> Experimental features, to be able to find the Oasis app in Ledger Live's Manager.

The Oasis app requires an up-to-date firmware on your Ledger device:

Follow Ledger's instructions for updating the firmware on your Ledger device:

To find the Oasis app in the Ledger Live app store, go to the App catalog search bar and type in Oasis. You may see both an Oasis app and OasisVal app come up in the search results. You need to use the standard Oasis app.

Oasis app in Ledger Live

Once installed, the Oasis app will use the generated mnemonic stored on the Ledger device to generate the private & public key pairs for your accounts.