Architectural Decision Records

This is a location to record all architecture decisions in the Oasis Core project via Architectural Decision Records (ADRs).


Each record has a unique number associated with it to make it easier to cross-reference them. The records are stored as Markdown files in this directory, named using the following convention:



  • <adr-number> is the assigned zero-padded ADR number.

  • <short-title> is the ADR's title in Kebab case.

The content of each ADR should follow the template. In short, an ADR should provide:

  • a changelog of all modifications so far,

  • context on the relevant goals and the current state,

  • proposed changes to achieve the goals,

  • summary of pros and cons,

  • references and

  • the decision that was made.

Process for Creating New ADRs

There is a lightweight process for proposing, discussing and deciding on ADRs:

  • In your branch, create a new ADR file in docs/adr following the convention

    and template specified above.

  • Add a changelog fragment of type doc.

  • Update the index of current records below.

  • Create a pull request and mark it as ready for review. The commit message for introducing an ADR should have the title of the ADR, following by a short summary:

    ADR 0000: Architectural Decision Records
    Introduce architectural decision records (ADRs) for keeping track of
    architecture decisions in a transparent way.
  • The ADR will be discussed by other members of the community and the project committers. After a sufficient amount of discussion, acceptance or rejection decision will be taken in accoordance with the governance process and the pull request will be merged, introducing a new ADR.

After the ADR is merged an implementation may be undertaken by following the contribution process.

Current Records

The following records currently exist:

  • ADR 0000 - Architectural Decision Records

  • ADR 0001 - Multiple Roots Under the Tendermint Application Hash

  • ADR 0002 - Go Modules Compatible Git Tags

  • ADR 0003 - Consensus/Runtime Token Transfer

  • ADR 0004 - Runtime Governance

  • ADR 0005 - Runtime Compute Node Slashing

  • ADR 0006 - Consensus Governance

  • ADR 0007 - Improved Random Beacon

  • ADR 0008 - Standard Account Key Generation

  • ADR 0009 - Ed25519 Signature Verification Semantics