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Oasis SDK Developer Documentation

The Oasis SDK provides a modular framework for building runtimes (also called ParaTimes) on top of the Oasis Core Runtime Layer. It provides standard types and wire formats for transactions, events, queries, denominations, addresses, etc. For composability it separates functionalities into modules that can be combined together to form runtimes with the desired functionality.

It also provides an already built module that can host smart contracts developed against the Oasis WebAssembly ABI. This documentation provides guides for developing both runtimes and smart contracts that can be deployed in an existing runtime. A runtime can be thought of as a separate chain while smart contracts are deployed to an already running chain that has the corresponding module included.


The following are the two main components that allow you to easily build runtimes, smart contracts and the supporting frontend applications:

  • Runtime SDK handles the backend part, namely the runtime itself. It allows you to build the logic that will be replicated when running alongside an Oasis Core node in Rust.

  • Contract SDK handles the higher level backend part and allows you to deploy WebAssembly-based smart contracts into already deployed runtimes that include the contracts module. This makes it possible to develop applications on top of the Oasis network without the need to develop runtimes yourself.

  • Client SDK handles the connection of the backend part with the frontend by providing libraries in different languages that make it easy to generate transactions, look up emitted events and query the runtime.