# Prerequisites Guide

# Installing/Using oasis-node

Any time the oasis-node binary is referenced, we are referring to the binary that is created from the Oasis Core repository's go/ path. This binary contains both the logic for running an Oasis node and also provides a CLI for handling registry and staking operations.

# Downloading the binary


We suggest that you build oasis-node from source yourself for a production deployment.

For convenience, we provide binaries that have been built by Oasis Labs. Links to the binaries are provided in the Current Testnet Parameters page.

# Building from source

Although highly suggested, building from source is currently beyond the scope of this documentation. See Oasis Core's building instructions for details.


The code in the master branch might be incompatible with the code used by other Nodes in the Public Testnet.

Make sure to use the version specified in the Current Testnet Parameters.