# Troubleshooting


Before you begin troubleshooting we suggest you check all of the following:

  • Check that your current binary version is the latest listed on the current testnet parameters
    • Check the version on your localhost using oasis-node --version
    • Check the version on your server using oasis-node --version
  • If upgrading, make sure that you've wiped state (unless that is explicitly not required)
  • If you're doing anything with the entity:
    • Do you have the latest genesis?
    • Do you have the correct private key (or Ledger device).
    • If you're signing a transaction:
      • Do you sufficient account balance to make the transaction?
        • Run oasis-node stake account info
      • Are you using the correct nonce?
        • Run oasis-node stake account info
  • If you're generating a transaction:
    • Do you have the latest genesis?
  • If you're submitting a transaction:
    • Do you have the latest genesis?
    • Is your node synced? If not, the transaction will fail to run properly

# Running a Node

# Invalid Permissions

# Permissions for node and entity

Error Message:

common/Mkdir: path '/serverdir/node' has invalid permissions: -rwxr-xr-x

The entity and node directories both need to have permissions rwx------. Make sure you initialize the directory with correct permissions or change them using chmod:

mkdir --mode 700 --parents {entity,node}
chmod 700 /serverdir/node
chmod 700 /serverdir/entity

# Permissions for .pem files

Error Message example:

signature/signer/file: invalid PEM file permissions 700 on /serverdir/node/identity.pem

All .pem files should have the permissions 600. You can set the permissions for all .pem files in a directory using the following command:

chmod -R 600 /path/*.pem

# Serverdir Ownership

Another possible cause of permission issues is not giving ownership of your serverdir to the user running the node (e.g. docker-host or replace with your user):

chown -R docker-host:docker-host /serverdir

In general, to avoid problems when running docker, specify the user when running docker commands by adding the flag --user $(id -u):$(id -g).

# Cannot Find File

Error Message examples:

no such file or directory
file does not exist
ts=2019-11-17T03:42:09.778647033Z level=error module=cmd/registry/node caller=node.go:127 msg="failed to load entity" err="file does not exist"

More often than you'd expect, this error is the result of setting the path incorrectly. You may have left something like --genesis.file $GENESIS_FILE_PATH in the command without setting $GENESIS_FILE_PATH first, or set the path incorrectly. Check that echo $GENESIS_FILE_PATH matches your expectation or provide a path in the command.

Another possible cause: the files in your localhost directory cannot be read from the container. Make sure to run commands in the same session within the container.

# Staking and Registering

# Transaction Out of Gas

Error message:

module=cmd/stake caller=stake.go:70 msg="failed to submit transaction" err="rpc error: code = Unknown desc = staking: add escrow transaction failed: out of gas" attempt=1

The docs are now updated to show that you need to add --stake.transaction.fee.gas and --stake.transaction.fee.amount flags when generating your transaction. Note that if you're re-generating a transaction, you will need to increment the --nonce flag.